Friday December 7 - 9pm /€5,-
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

A warped and dynamic program of music, film, performance and dance - transforming space and time through alchemistic cabaret action!


Mind Bending Improv Avant Rock - Inner-Space + Outer-Time

Santiago Botero [Columbia] - electric bass + effects
Alfredo Genovesi [London] - electric guitar + effects
Gerri Jaeger [Austria] - drums

Debut of the new psychedelic improv rock trio formed by the free improvising electronic guitarist Alfredo Genovesi. Using an array of pedal effects, found objects, samplers and external sound sources, Alfredo constructs multi-layered soundscapes that enable him to fluctuate between diverse and colourful soundworlds. He is joined by the rockin' Brown Vs Brown drummer Gerri Jaeger and high grade Columbian bass player Santiago Botero. This music will melt your mind!


Ivo Bol - electronics
Joris van Perlo - electronics

Live soundtrack to Maya Deren's classic film "Ritual In Transfigured
Time" and "The House", a film by Jan Suschitzky

Wrikken is a project of Ivo Bol and Joris van Perlo, who have made music together since they were 15. Wrikken originated in the Dutch city of Groningen where they played in cult bands like Soom, Plan Kruutntoone, Wastewell and G.I. Magnetic Inflatable Carrot plane. In 1996 they composed music for strings, saxophone and electric guitar. After 1996 their music has become more and more electronic. The music of Wrikken is constructed during an ongoing process of redefining their own sound, based mostly on samples made from their own music. Influences are Minimal music, Coil, Beefheart, David Lynch. Wrikken collaborated with several theatremakers, filmmakers and visual artists. They have been touring in Germany, the USA and Holland. Wrikken will perform a live soundtrack that is composed for Maya Deren’s film “Ritual In Transfigured Time” (1945-46). Stichting Mixer released their debut single.


SoundFloor, tapdance and video: a TripTych on Seagulls
Walking thru time and treading frantic rhythms from wired surfaces

De SoundFloor is een electronische tapvloer waarmee de tapdanseres zelf haar geluiden kan besturen. Tapdanser Marije Nie droomt al jaren over dit electroaccoustische instrument. Het is een instrument waarmee Marije niet alleen haar eigen geluid kan manipuleren, maar dat ook een interactieve geluidsomgeving kan maken op basis van het tapgeluid. Deze incarnatie van de SoundFloor is ontwikkeld door studenten van de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht en TU Eindhoven en is nu al een veelbelovende start op een avontuurlijke weg.

Plus AUXXX Time Travel Disco with DJ PHILIPPONA and DJ MORSANEK


DJ Philippona spins music from the past, pleasing discerning music lovers and (jazz) musicians alike with her exquisite yet totally unpredictable taste. DJ Philippona strives to create a timeless uplifting experience through music: disarmament - fun & amazement - real bands on records - voices voices voices - depth in sound & depth in music - lightness in sound & lightness in music - DJ Philippona spins uncensored originals: jazz - mambo - soul - samba - rock'n'roll - disco - funk - break - country - beat - gospel - boogaloo – eurotrash.


Morsanek is the DJ name of improvising musician and hiphop geek Mark Morse. Originally from America, Mark is currently based in Amsterdam and has been the resident DJ for AUXXX since its inception. His AUXXX sets are an attempt at surreal sonic alchemy, synthesizing blunted beats, Osaka-style noise, machine music, free improvisation and a junkbox of found sound into edgy party music that doubles as textured ambience.

Friday December 7 @ 21:00
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
€ntry 5

Auxxx Alchemistic Cabaret is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and the Thuiskopie Fonds - thanxxx!

Links to Alchemistic Cabaret #3 Artists:

Alfredo Genovesi
DJ Morsanek
Marije Nie
Fred Pelon
DJ Philippona

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