Wednesday, September 03, 2008


An evening of enchanting alchemistic music with a showcase of Kazemat, a new label for aesthetic sampled music, and high energy psycho group Ballroom Blitz.


Mark Morse: prepared guitars + amplifiers, samplers, Hilary Jeffery: trombone + tromboscillator, Michael Vatcher: percussion

Vinkepeezer: sampler, Wim Sebo: drums and sampler, Alfredo Genovesi: guitar, Joris van Perlo: guitar, Ties Mellema: sax, John Dikeman: sax

Erikk McKenzie & VJ Sasha Bloem: HUASCO SONGS In 2007 Erikk McKenzie and Gerardo Gonzales did audio and video recordings in Chile related to the political and ecological consequences of Pascua Lama, a gold mine in the high Andes above Valle Huasco. Erikk McKenzie presents a live mix of audio and video recordings, blended with his own electronic music.
Joris van Perlo

Andy Moor: guitars, Cor Fuhler: organs, synthi, kiolin and Steve Heather: drums

Later: DJ's Morsanek, PHEY and Vinkepeezer spinning the decks

21:00 hrs, € 5