Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Kastenienallee 77 (lichtblikino)
10435 BERLIN


Doors Open 21:00
Show Starts 22:00

Tom Bugs - BugBrand Modular
Hilary Jeffery - tromboscillator

Legendary analogue electronic instrument inventor Tom Bugs comes over from Bristol with his personal BugBrand Modular setup for a discussion and performance. Having moved from musical performance, through lofi electronic machines (eg. Weevils!), the last few years have been focused on developing the BugModular system, of which there are now 30+ setups spread around the globe. The particular areas of interest for his development have been performative flow, rhythmics and portability - he has been cutting a niche furrow, allowing the machine grooves to flourish.

Tom says:

Coming from a musical background in playing / recording, since officially starting BugBrand in April 2005 I have been pretty much subsumed by working with analogue electronic circuitry. My work work comes from a self-taught perspective of creative engineering - reveling in the meeting of art and science, where the inner workings of analogue circuits open up to present new sonic worlds.

For more info visit the extensive BugBrand website: