the third in the ongoing auxxx series of unique artists (mostly) from down under


@ K77 (kino) - kastanienallee 77 - 10435 BERLIN prenzlauerberg

im keller

ANTHONY BURR - bass clarinet
TOBY DELIUS - tenor sax, clarinet
STEVE HEATHER - drums, percussion

ins kino

TIM CATLIN - vibrissa

bar opens 21:00
music starts 22:00



As a clarinetist, Anthony Burr has enjoyed a distinguished career as an exponent of contemporary music. He has performed in this repertoire with many leading groups, including Elision, Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Sospeso, and the Chamber Music Sociey of Lincoln Center, often as soloist. Among the many composers with whom he has worked in the presentation of their solo works are: Alvin Lucier, Helmut Lachenmann, Brian Ferneyhough, and Magnus Lindberg. He has worked widely outside the classical arena too with artists including Jim O'Rourke, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn, Mark Feldman, Chris Speed, Jim Black, Ikue Mori, Tim Barnes, Alan Licht, Mark Dresser and many others. Ongoing collaborations include a duo with Icelandic bassist/composer Skuli Sverrisson, The Clarinets (a trio with Chris Speed and Oscar Noriega), a series of recordings with cellist Charles Curtis and a series of live film/music performances with experimental filmmaker Jennifer Reeves. As a composer he has specialized in the creation of epic scale mixed media pieces, most notably Biospheria: An Environmental Opera, created with artist Steve Ausbury in response to Biosphere 2. It was performed in San Diego in 2001, and sections were mounted in archive form as part of the cinematexas festival in 2003. Another project of this ilk was The Mizler Society, a burlesque on early modern music theory, J.S Bach and the Art of Fugue, which he created with John Rodgers and was presented by the Australian Art Orchestra at the Melbourne Museum in 2002. He has produced and/or engineered records for La Monte Young, Charles Curtis, Skuli Sverrisson, Ted Reichman among others, and has a doctorate from University of California, San Diego. Upcoming releases include a new Anthony Burr/Skuli Sverrisson double CD with guest vocalists Yungchen Lamo and Arto Lindsay.



Tim Catlin is a guitarist, instrument designer and sound artist with a deep fascination for exploring the sonic possibilities inherent in friction, magnetism and resonant systems. Although his work spans composition, improvisation, installations and soundtracks, common threads woven throughout are a keen ear for sonic minutiae, a preference for physical over digital audio manipulation and a yearning for transcendence through sound. Much of his activity has involved re-investigating the sonic properties of the guitar through a combination of traditional and extended techniques, guitar preparation and modified designs. These pieces are often drone based and densely textural, “blurring lines between metal machine music and holy minimalism.” (The Wire, UK) Further works utilising resonance, feedback and the harmonic series have employed electric sitar, chromatic handbell sets, cymbals and long string instruments. Most recently he has constructed a set of new instruments; the “Vibrissae”. These are microtonally tuned metal rod instruments, which are activated by longitudinal stroking to produce a sustained, “singing” tone. He formed the Overtone Ensemble in 2012 to perform works using these instruments along with other self-made instruments. He has performed or collaborated with Machinefabriek, Jason Kahn, Jon Mueller, Otomo Yoshihide, Phill Niblock, Mike Cooper, Candlesnuffer, Philip Samartzis, Rod Cooper, The Wall of E Guitar Ensemble and many others. Solo and collaborative releases include “Radio Ghosts” (23five, 2007), “Slow Twitch”, (Dr Jims, 2004), “Sieve” with David Brown (Bocian, 2013), “Glisten” and “Patina” with Machinefabriek (Low Point, 2009 and 2011) and “Plates and Wires” with Jon Mueller, (Crouton 2007).



Although he's not from down under, Toby's musicianship is coming from somewhere else and its most definitely something else! A true master of his instruments Toby has been working for years as a leading voice in improvised jazz. He began playing saxophone in 1980 in the German Ruhr region. In 1983/84 he lived in Mexico City where he played in the “Cuarteto Mexicano de Jazz” led by pianist Francixco Téllez. Tobt moved to Amsterdam in 1984 and studied for a short while at the Sweelinck Conservatorium. He quickly became involved with Amsterdam improvisers and dropped his studies to immerse himself in the improvised music scene. In 1990 he was awarded the Podiumprijs from the organisation Stichting Jazz in Nederland. He has worked in Europe and overseas with such musicians as Steve Lacy (October Meeting ’91), Louis Moholo’s Viva-la-black (South Africa ’93), Bill Frisell, Mark Feldman and Trio Clusone (Clusone Jazz ’93), Misha Mengelberg (“Pollo de Mare”, Angelica ’96 in Bologna), Steve Beresford (“Signals for Tea”, Vancouver ’98), Jeb Bishop, Kent Kessler, Hamid Drake (Chicago 2001) and Ray Anderson (Rotterdam, ’01). Toby is currently based in Berlin where he is an active member of the improvised community performing regularly with Liz Allbee, Charly Birkenhauer, Axel Dörner, Tristan Honsinger, Hilary Jeffery, Christian Lillinger, Clayton Thomas and many others.



Steve studied percussion/improvisation at The Victorian College of the Art in Australia (1991) and Performance Art at DasArts/Amsterdam (2006). Since 1994 Steven Heather has been performing and recording as a musician regularly in Australia, Europe, America and Asia. Currently living in Berlin, he plays in all sorts of groups, from impro, electro-acoustic and jazz, to rock, noise and dub. His current music projects include DAIRY (Andy Moor, Yannis Kyrialides, Joe Williamson), BOOKLET (Toby Delius, Joe Williamson) THE UNDERSTATED BROWN (Thomas Meadowcroft, Boris Hauf), MRS CONCEPTION, OCHASA, SAND, HALF WOLF (Martin Siewert, Boris Hauf, EFZEQ (Martin Siewert, Boris Hauf, Burkhard Stangl, Billy Roz) and solo performances/installations as ELECTRIC BONGO BONGO. He composes and performs regularly in the fields of dance, theatre, film new media, performance and has had residencies in Australia, Belgium, Holland and Germany.


the next ODD OZ CABARET in BERLIN happens on FRIDAY 23 OCTOBER 2015 featuring:

previous ODD OZ CABARET's presented by AUXXX:



@ K77 (kino) - kastanienallee 77 - 10435 BERLIN prenzlauerberg

Té is the duo of Australian saxophonist Andrew Brooks and Australian sound artist Kynan Tan. Tan and Brooks have been working as a duo whilst living in Berlin in 2011 and have developed a common language and approach to improvisation.



Mike Majkowski - double bass
Morten J. Olsen - rotating bass drum

Morten and Mike first played as a duo in late 2010. Then after a break, they continued in September 2011. Since then, they have rehearsed and played two gigs as BASS LOVE III in Berlin.




Coming at you straight out of Coburg The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers play anarcho casio pop and analogue synthesizer punk to set the masses' hearts afire!

karaokecore cabaret*_ by sister0 [ex=toydeath] - mutant dolls & curiosa embedded with hacked gamepads are played like instruments to divine samples and modify vocals that sound like a radio transmission coming from ...as far off as Tasmania...


Hailing from the gothic isle of Tasmania, USER creates Subterranean ambient studio explorations created with guitar, effects, field recordings, and appropriated sound. A sound project by Australian artist Scot Cotterell, which has been presented at empty punk bars and packed concert halls around Oz.


Iain's "A Warning" project first took form whilst Iain McIntyre (ninetynine, Thee Stag Knights, The Hatchetmen) was living in London in 2004. Inspired by the film work of composers such as John Carpenter and John Cameron and gifted the use of a three track recorder and a Holiday Genie organ McIntyre crafted a soundtrack to a “lost” dystopian film set in the US of the Nixonian 70s. Completing work on the soundtrack using a number of analogue synthesizers during 2005 and 2006 McIntyre invited a number of Australian musicians to contribute vocals, strings, piano and drums to the project. Alongside work on the musical side of the project McIntyre raided various video and online archives for stock footage with which to create the surreal “lost” movie the soundtrack accompanies. 15 separate clips have been put together to tell the story of a shell shocked and alcoholic journalist who is forced into private detective work following a 1972 military coup within the US. Traveling across America in search of the runaway daughter of a high ranking politician our hero experiences saucer landings, fish falls and earthquakes. Are these phenomena merely the result of his fast deteriorating psyche or are they part of some wider conspiracy involving his quarry?


To make the "OZ" theme complete Paul Glazier will present a new version of his film "Yellow Brick Road Works". The material for this work, both audio and visual, was drawn from the classic 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz". Taking a figurative magnifying-glass to the original film "Yellow Brick Road Works" examined the building-blocks of this icon and unfurled a new road to Oz and back. In 'Dorothy Squeezed' Paul will improvise live electronic music with samples form both the "Wizard" and the "Road Works" squeezing the original 98 minute video into a frenetic 30 minute trip!

DJ MARCELLE (Another Nice Mess) - Australian punk and other songs about kangaroos...
DJ MORSANEK (AUXXX) - oddoz electronika + beats from downunder


an evening of healing noise, meta music and phuture pholk SATURDAY 8 OCTOBER 2022 @ 19:00 Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche Rigae...