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ODD-OZ Cabaret featuring:


Coming at you straight out of Coburg The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers play anarcho casio pop and analogue synthesizer punk to set the masses' hearts afire!

The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers are an Australian duo featuring members of ninetynine, The Hatchetmen and The Diving Bell who play anarcho casio pop and analogue synth driven punk. With music designed to set the masses' hearts afire their performance includes keyboard pop versions of Crass, Subhumans and other anarcho classics as well as visuals and plenty of surprises.

karaokecore cabaret*_ by sister0 [ex=toydeath]
mutant dolls & curiosa embedded with hacked gamepads are played like instruments to divine samples and modify vocals that sound like a radio transmission coming from far off as tasmania...


Hailing from the gothic isle of Tasmania, USER creates Subterranean ambient studio explorations created with guitar, effects, field recordings, and appropriated sound. USER mixes and manipulates this live ranging from sublime atmospherics to stoner doom on a broken tape machine, no input on an obsolete mixer to concert hall crescendo. A sound project by Australian artist Scot Cotterell, USER has been presented at empty punk bars and packed concert halls around Oz.


The A Warning project first took form whilst Iain McIntyre (ninetynine, Thee Stag Knights, The Hatchetmen) was living in London in 2004. Inspired by the film work of composers such as John Carpenter and John Cameron and gifted the use of a three track recorder and a Holiday Genie organ McIntyre crafted a soundtrack to a “lost” dystopian film set in the US of the Nixonian 70s. Completing work on the soundtrack using a number of analogue synthesizers during 2005 and 2006 McIntyre invited a number of Australian musicians to contribute vocals, strings, piano and drums to the project. Alongside work on the musical side of the project McIntyre raided various video and online archives for stock footage with which to create the surreal “lost” movie the soundtrack accompanies. 15 separate clips have been put together to tell the story of a shell shocked and alcoholic journalist who is forced into private detective work following a 1972 military coup within the US. Traveling across America in search of the runaway daughter of a high ranking politician our hero experiences saucer landings, fish falls and earthquakes. Are these phenomena merely the result of his fast deteriorating psyche or are they part of some wider conspiracy involving his quarry?


'Dorothy Squeezed'

To make the "OZ" theme complete Paul Glazier will present a new version of his film "Yellow Brick Road Works". The material for this work, both audio and visual, was drawn from the classic 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz". Taking a figurative magnifying-glass to the original film "Yellow Brick Road Works" examined the building-blocks of this icon and unfurled a new road to Oz and back. In 'Dorothy Squeezed' Paul will improvise live electronic music with samples form both the "Wizard" and the "Road Works" squeezing the original 98 minute video into a frenetic 30 minute trip!

DJ MARCELLE (Another Nice Mess) - Australian punk and other songs about kangaroos

DJ MORSANEK (AUXXX) - oddoz electronika + beats from downunder


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