energy-frequency-vibration-shift #1

Overtoom 301
1054 HW Amsterdam


Doors Open 21:00
Music Starts 21:30
€ntrance = 6



alto sax, sruti box, monochord
+ special guests

After the phenomenal success of his "Love In Numbers" CD release party at AUXXX / BERLIN - Hayden Chisholm brings his multi-dimensional 21st Century music to Amsterdam. For this occasion he will present a new version of his composition "Love In Numbers" for multitrack alto saxophones as well as playing solo sax with sruti box accompaniment. Well-tuned and elevating music for times of change!

Hayden writes about "Love In Numbers" :

This work is about the marriage of two universal creative principles expressed through sound: the harmonic series, and the growth series more commonly known as the Fibonacci series. Their point of intersection is a fascinating one, both mathematically and musically. The harmonic series is perhaps more familiar to lovers of music but the way in which the Fibonacci series interacts with the overtones reveals much more to the listener regarding the nature of self-similarity, organic growth, inter-dimensional relationship and micro-macrocosm similarity. The Fibonacci series gradually approaches the irrational number phi (1.618…), more commonly known as the Golden Section. Some musicians have attempted to use the Golden Section by dividing their works accordingly along the time axis; in this work this proportion is approached on the vertical harmonic axis, which occurs in

Hayden Chisholm Links:



Mathieu Calleja - percussion
Richard Comte - guitar
Sanne van Hek -trumpet
Xavier Lopez - electronics
Dafne Vicente-Sandoval -bassoon

Dopplergänger's music is a subtle balance of instrumental extended techniques, melodic apparitions, electronically generated ersatz and electric whispering, a blend of acoustics and electronics which mix to the point where they become indistinguishable. The band did a ten-day residency in Moers (DE), developing improvisational concepts and sound. During the residency they played the 'Free Essen Festival, the concert was recorded by WDR radio and will be broadcasted, plus concerts at the Temporary Art Centre in Eindhoven (NL), Schlosstheater Moers, and the LOFT in Cologne.

Doppelgänger Links:

"If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" Nikola Tesla


AUXXX celebrates a successful year of concerts in Amsterdam and Berlin with a special two-night event at KuLe Theater in Berlin Mitte, featuring two solo performances, a duo and a quintet. This event also celebrates new CD releases from two of the acts: Frozen Arc and Hayden Chisholm.

15 + 16 DECEMBER 2011

KuLe Theater
Auguststraße 10
10117 BERLIN Mitte

Doors Open - 21:00
Music Starts - 22:00

Thursday 15 December

solo noise tuba

The Necks’ pianist Chris Abrahams and Berlin ‚Echtzeitmusik’-percussionist Burkhard Beins team up to produce some experimental electro-acoustic music of austere beauty

Chris Abrahams – dx7
Burkhard Beins – analog electronics, zither, chimes

Doors Open - 21:00
Music Starts - 22:00


double flutes, neys, jaw harps and more


play LOVE IN NUMBERS (The secret of the Sixths)
a new composition by Hayden Chisholm

Hayden Chisholm- alto sax, sruti box, monochord
Bastian Duncker - alto sax
Mortiz Köther - alto sax
James Wylie - alto sax
Andrew Brooks - alto sax
plus special guests

This work is about the marriage of two universal creative principles expressed
through sound: the harmonic series, and the growth series more commonly known as the
Fibonacci series. Their point of intersection is a fascinating one, both
mathematically and musically. The harmonic series is perhaps more familiar to
lovers of music but the way in which the Fibonacci series interacts with the
overtones reveals much more to the listener regarding the nature of self-similarity,
organic growth, inter-dimensional relationship and micro-macrocosm similarity. The
Fibonacci series gradually approaches the irrational number phi (1.618…), more
commonly known as the Golden Section. Some musicians have attempted to use the
Golden Section by dividing their works accordingly along the time axis; in this work
this proportion is approached on the vertical harmonic axis, which occurs in

"If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla

Doors Open - 21:00
Music Starts - 22:00


CHRIS ABRAHAMS was born in Oamaru, New Zealand but grew up in Sydney, Australia. He became very active in the Sydney jazz scene in the early eighties playing with modern jazz groups including Mark Simmonds’ Freeboppers and The Keys Music Orchestra. With Lloyd Swanton he formed the 60’s modern jazz-influenced The Benders in 1982. The band broke up in 1985 after having released three albums - E, False Laughter and Distance. In 1984 Chris recorded and released his first solo piano album Piano, followed in 1986 by Walk. In 1985 Chris became a founding member of the Sydney indie rock band The Sparklers. As a result of this, Chris began working regularly with the singer and songwriter Melanie Oxley. Chris collaborated with Melanie, writing songs and producing 5 albums, throughout the nineties. In 1987 he became a founding member and pianist of the meanwhile highly acclaimed Australian minimal jazz/rock trio The Necks. Chris released a third solo piano album Glow in 2001. This was followed in 2003 by Streaming, Thrown in 2004, and Play Scar in 2010. He has collaborated, in both recording and performance, with many contemporary improvising musicians including Burkhard Beins, Mike Cooper and Anthony Pateras. He performs regularly in the improvising music scenes both in Australia and Europe.

photo: Klaus Muempfer

BURKHARD BEINS was born in Lower Saxony, Germany but lives in Berlin since 1995. As a composer/performer, working in the non-academic fields of experimental music, he is known for his widely abstracted use of percussion instruments in combination with selected objects and materials. Since the late 1980's he performs at internationally renowned venues and festivals throughout Europe, North America, Australia/NZ and Asia. Burkhard works solo, but is also a member of groups like Perlonex, Activity Center, Polwechsel, SLW, Trio Sowari, Phosphor, BBB, or The Sealed Knot. Furthermore he collaborates with Keith Rowe, Sven-Åke Johansson, Andrea Neumann, Chris Abrahams, John Tilbury, Charlemagne Palestine, and many others. Meanwhile Burkhard has released more than 30 CDs and LPs on labels like Zarek, Erstwhile, Hat Hut, Potlatch, Absinth or Confront. His first Solo-CD Disco Prova has been released in 2007 and combines field recordings and percussion material with digital multitracking, followed in 2009 by Structural Drift, a result of a sound art residency at Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, based on e-bowed and propelled zither, analog synth, objects and small electronic devices.

HAYDEN CHISHOLM is a New Zealand saxophonist/composer/teacher who has been at the forefront of European music scene for over a decade with his groundbreaking microtonal work and unmistakable sound. Currently published by Freibank, he lives and works in Cologne and Penedès, Spain.

photo: Miroe

ROBIN HAYWARD was born in Brighton, England in 1969, has been based in Berlin since 1998. He has redefined the tuba’s potential both in the areas of noise and microtonality, and his compositions for other instruments reflect a similar experimental, medium-specific approach. Pieces have been written for him by such composers as Alvin Lucier and Christian Wolff. He has toured extensively both solo and in collaboration. His approach to the tuba has been documented in the solo CDs Valve Division and States of Rushing, along with various collaborative releases. Active in many contemporary music ensembles including Phosphor and Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin, in 2005 he founded Zinc & Copper Works for continued research into brass instruments.

STEEV KINDWALD transmits musics based on the spirits of nature. He has passed many years living with nomadic tribals and gypsies in the deserts and mountains in various parts of South and Southeast Asia. Steev is a highly accomplished double flute Alghoza player - he not only works with the ancient traditions but also composes some of the only new music for Alghoza double flutes. Since childhood, he has played numerous kinds of Guimbarde and, for years, has worked closely with traditional Guimbarde makers in many parts of South and Southeast Asia. Steev makes many models of Guimbarde from ancient designs as well new creations. Lately he works with flute obliques from Sumatra and the Indus Valley utilizing the techniques of Multiphonic and Respiration Circular plus other surprising innovative techniques.


THANKS to everyone who has supported AUXXX this year - especially Leopold and Richard at K77, Sascha at KuLe, Ivo, Colin and John at OT301

Next year is 2012 - who knows what will uwravel then...

Vid Yo!


Overtoom 301
1054 HW Amsterdam


Doors Open 21:30
€ntrance = 8

DJs: DJ Foom & DJ Groener Gas

on Friday 18 November STEIM, OT301 and Auxxx present an evening of exclusive performances with mind twisting audio-visual performer Doravideo, UK free improv drummer Mark Sanders, Amsterdam's avant-turntablist dj sniff , Berlin based sound artist and performer Alessandro Bosetti plus DJ Foom and DJ Groener Gras

photo Tanya Traboulsi

live video, turntables & drums

ドラびでお 一楽儀光

Yoshimitsu Ichiraku (drums and computer) has put together this very exciting and fun project which features a specially designed drum + computer system. Using impact sensors all over the drum kit, he creates a huge video deck - allowing him to use the drums as a live video controller. He appeared in the 2005 summer grand bazaar commercial for the department store Laforet Harajuku, won an honorary mention in the Digital Music division of Europe's largest media art festival - ARS Electronica - and has been active as the drummer in the band Yamaguchi, which has stirred up quite a storm of prizes and awards world wide. The DVD released in July of this year - 'DoraVideo Volume 1' - managed to violate every imaginable law, committing copyright infringement, slander, indecent exposure and has been awarded a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for offensiveness, and went out of print just before release. At Auxxx he will reveal his brand new instrument Doranome.

turntables, electronics, computer

Takuro Mizuta Lippit is a turntable musician working in the field of improvised and experimental music. His music focuses on the live reconstruction and "narrativization" of the phonographically amplified - the music, the sound, the technology and the past. He masterfully mixes scratching, cutting and stuttering with various records which reflect his influences - from free improvisation to hip-hop. Utilizing custom built samplers, he can capture and playback sounds at lighting speed or sculpt heavy drones. Don't expect the subtle!


photo Andrew Putler

Mark Sanders is a great drummer who has played with many renowned musicians from around the world including Peter Brotzmann, Derek Bailey, Myra Melford, Paul Rogers, Henry Grimes, Roswell Rudd, Trevor Watts, Tim Berne, Otomo Yoshihide, Luc Ex, Sidsel Endresen, Mahmoud Gania, in duo and quartets with Wadada Leo Smith and trios with Charles Gayle with Sirone and William Parker. His first musical experiences in the early 1980`s were with left-field rock groups such as The Delta 5, Gene loves Jezebel and more recently with Broadcast. Based in the UK - Mark has played with most of the country's major improvisers including Derek Bailey, Paul Rutherford, Howard Riley, Lol Coxhill, Philip Wachsmann, Keith Tippet, Larry Stabbins and Louis Moholo. With John Edwards Mark plays as rhythm section of choice for many musicians, notably in trios with Veryan Weston, Evan Parker, Alex Hawkins and Shabaka Hutchins. He is a member of Mathew Shipp's "London Quartet", Kris Wander's Unit, Alex Ward's "Predicate" and Spanish trio "Triatone" and also works in the projects of Mikolaj Trzaska, Steve Beresford, Gail Brand, Simon H Fell and Christian Marclay. In the late 1990's Mark started a twelve year stint with dub/world/rock bassist Jah Wobble in his projects - collaborating with Bill Laswell, Harold Budd, The Dubliners' Ronnie Drew and Lao musicians Molam Lao - touring internationally with this award winning 'Chinese Dub' and 'Japanese Dub' project! Mark has performed almost everywhere: in the USA, Canada and Brazil, all over Europe, in Japan, Morrocco, South Africa, Mozambique and Turkey.

live performance

Voice, mouth, sense, center, story, memory, song, noise, body. Utterances and loops of languages morphing into each other and into mutable, knotty, sound matter. The story is told but always elusive. The voice is high pitched, broken, untrained, fearless. The sense is right in the center of the phrase, so much in your face that you stop noticing it. The memory is shattered, solarized, partly erased, partly distorted. The noise is in the body. Somewhere, somebody sings. The instrument is made of wood, rubber, bee-wax. The computer is on the side. The software has been fallaciously programmed. A microphone is needed.

Alessandro Bosetti (IT) is a sound artist, composer and performer currently based in Berlin. His main focus is in the fringe area between spoken language and music. He has created a series of highly compelling sound works where relational aesthetics meets innovative composition. Field research and interviews often build the basis for his abstract compositions along with electro-acoustic and acoustic collages, relational strategies, trained and untrained instrumental practices, vocal explorations and digital manipulations. Between 2008 and 2010 he develoed mask mirror, a speaking machine based on a max/msp patch, which he will perform with at Auxxx.


image: Doravideo


Kastenienallee 77 (lichtblikino)
10435 BERLIN


Doors Open 21:00
Show Starts 22:00

Tom Bugs - BugBrand Modular
Hilary Jeffery - tromboscillator

Legendary analogue electronic instrument inventor Tom Bugs comes over from Bristol with his personal BugBrand Modular setup for a discussion and performance. Having moved from musical performance, through lofi electronic machines (eg. Weevils!), the last few years have been focused on developing the BugModular system, of which there are now 30+ setups spread around the globe. The particular areas of interest for his development have been performative flow, rhythmics and portability - he has been cutting a niche furrow, allowing the machine grooves to flourish.

Tom says:

Coming from a musical background in playing / recording, since officially starting BugBrand in April 2005 I have been pretty much subsumed by working with analogue electronic circuitry. My work work comes from a self-taught perspective of creative engineering - reveling in the meeting of art and science, where the inner workings of analogue circuits open up to present new sonic worlds.

For more info visit the extensive BugBrand website:

Basic Electricity # 1

on Friday 29 July AUXXX hosts the first edition of a new series dedicated to analogue electronic music - BASIC ELECTRICITY

Kastenienallee 77 (lichtblikino)
10435 BERLIN


Doors Open 21:00
Show Starts 22:00

Mono-Poly (NL): Modular Synthesizer
Navs (Berlin): Modular Synthesizer
Richard Scott (UK, Berlin): WiGi/Buchla Lightning

Mono-Poly: Modular Synthesizer

Mono-Poly aka Dennis Verschoor from aka the Noodle Chef from Rotterdam, Holland is a modular synthesizer freak. He uses something that he likes to call patch noodles, some sort of self-generating algorithms evolving with minimal and sometimes no human interaction. He faces the audience with strange sounds and recreates unexisting worlds in between technology and emotion.


Recent performance:

Navs: Modular Synthesizer

photo © verstaerker

Navs usually has an idea of where he's going, even if he doesn't always know how he's going to get there. Recent live performances have been at Rough Trade East in London and the Radialsystem in Berlin.


Recent performance:

Richard Scott: WiGi/Buchla Lightning

Richard improvises with modular synthesisers, computer and the WiGi, a self-designed infra-red wireless gestural instrument derived from Buchla Lightning and Arduino technology.



Kastenienallee 77 (lichtblikino)
10435 BERLIN


Doors Open 21:00
Show Starts 22:00




Echtzeitmusik mit dem Duo
(Elektronik und Innenklavier)

Hanno Leichtmann & Andrea Neumann sind seit Mitte der neunziger Jahre fester Bestandteil des Berliner Musikgeschehens und formen seitdem innerhalb einer stetig wachsenden Gruppe innovativer Musiker den Begriff der Echzeitmusik.

Hanno Leichtmann

Hanno Leichtmann ist ein Grenzgänger zwischen den verschiedenen Musikstilen. Als (Free)Jazz-Schlagzeuger nach Berlin gekommen gründete er mit dem Cellisten Nicholas Bussmann und dem Trompeter, Sänger und Schauspieler Lars Rudolph das heute legendäre Trio Ich schwitze nie und mit Hannes Strobl das Live Techno Duo Paloma. Diese wechselnden künstlerischen Identitäten führten zu den elektronischen Projekten Static, White Hole, dem The Vulva String Quartett sowie dem Trio Groupshow (mit Jan Jelinek und Andrew Pekler). Seit 2008 spielt Leichtmann mit Hannes Strobl und David Moss wieder in einem frei improvisierenden Trio Denseland. Das Duo mit Andrea Neumann ist Hanno Leichtmanns neueste Kollaboration in diesem Umfeld.

Andrea Neumann

Andrea Neumann erforscht das Klavier nach neuen Klangmöglichkeiten und reduziert es dabei auf die Saiten, den Resonanzboden und den gusseisernen Rahmen. Auf Basis dieses sogenannten "Innenklaviers" wurde von dem Berliner Klavierbauer Bernd Bittmann eine Spezialinstrument entwickelt. Auf diesem demontierten und verfremdeten Klavierrest entwickelt sie mit Hilfe von elektronischer Verstärkung und Präparation eigene Spieltechniken und Klänge. Neben ihrer aktuellen Kollaboration mit Hanno Leichtmann arbeitet Andrea Neumann u.a. im Duo mit Sabine Ercklentz, in dem Ensemble Les Femmes Savenates, im Trio Barcelona Series (Sven-Ake Johansson, Axel Dörner) und im Berliner Splitter Orchester. Konzert- und Festivalauftritte in Europa, den USA, Kanada, Argentinien, Russland, Australien und Japan. Seit 2000 Mitorganisatorin der Reihe „Labor Sonor“ für Experimentelle Musik, Film und Performance in Berlin. 2008 Stipendiatin in der Villa Aurora in Los Angeles 2008 Auszeichnung des Prix Ars Elektronika für die Video-Performance „Videobrücke Berlin – Stockholm (5 Punkt 1) in Zusammenarbeit mit Sabine Ercklentz


Ira Cohen and Louise Landes Levi, 2003.
Photographed by Jennifer Cameron.


OT301 Cinema
Overtoom 301
1054 HW Amsterdam

Doors Open @ 20:30
Entry = 6 euros

auxxx + cinésthesia presents : a tribute to Ira Cohen

with Louise Landes Levi, Anders Hana and Jeffrey Babcock


Amsterdam's most active film-programmer Jeffrey Babcock (Cinema Derive, Cinemanita etc) will present an introduction to the films of Ira Cohen

film + live music
Directed by Ira Cohen
25 minutes

Visionary Ira Cohen's legendary 1968 film The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda is the only film that can truly be called "psychedelic". A wild voyage conceived in three parts: The Opium Dream, Shaman and Heavenly Blue Mylar Pavilions, an alchemical journey born out of common consciousness - culminating in the akashic bindu drop swirling in the sky's reflected azure. A head-on surrealist film composed of jewels, gold, smoke and transformative imagery. The film stars, amongst others, the wild Australian artist Vali Myers.

"Combines kabuki and Dr.Strange in the mystical realm an alchemical journey by an arcane master..." - Julian Beck

For this screening of the film Berlin-based Norwegian guitarist Anders Hana (of Noxagt, MoHa!, Ultralyd etc) will play a special live soundtrack on electric guitar and amplifiers

The Poet Louise Landes Levi will offer a very special reading for this occassion. LLL met Ira Cohen first through his contributions to American's Abroad, Vol II (edited by Lynne Tillman, assisted by LLL & never published) ca.1974. Then, at the home, on the Weesperzijde of Simon Vinkenoog. The first of many performances (at the MelkWeg with Heathcote Williams) and other collaborations (for example with Cold Turkey Press) followed soon after.

LLL will be present at this event to introduce the poet's odyssey - Morocco of the 1960's, India & Nepal of the 1970's, Europe the 1980's & the inevitable return, in Ira's case, to Manhattan's Upper West Side at the end of the last millenium through to the present moment.

"A poet's voice can not be imitated. This is an introduction to the heart of the traveller." - Louise Landes Levi

Made by Marty Topp and Ira Cohen
45 minutes

In 1968 The Living Theatre triumphantly returned to America from years of self-imposed exile in Europe with their theatrical breakthrough "Paradise Now". The play introduces the practice of collective creation resulting in a shared voyage of spontaneous creation, of a temporary anarchist collective- free from the enslavements of war, violence, the State, money and the self.

“Life, revolution and theater are three words for the same thing: an unconditional NO to the present society” – Julian Beck co-founder of The Living Theatre

Selected Web Links:


Kastenienallee 77 (lichtblikino)
10435 BERLIN


Doors Open 21:00
Show Starts 22:00

Olaf Rupp - guitar

Dave Birchall - guitar

Richard Scott - electronics



Overtoom 301
1054 HW Amsterdam

Doors Open @ 20:30

Entry = 6 euros


John Dikeman - saxophone

Hilary Jeffery - tromboscillator
Andy Keep - objects, electronics


Oren Marshall - tuba



Alfredo Genovesi - guitar, vocals
Gerri Jaeger - drums
Viljam Nybacka - bass, vocals


DJ Rumba Rid Skin - thematic & punkabilly sonic platters


Ellen Knops - luminations


hiljef · BREXIT FUGUE Audio collage using recordings from the first Cinesthesia screen concert series at Brotfabrik Kino in Berlin from...