AUXXX011: StringsTapsDronesDreams

Doors : 9pm / Entrance : 5 euro


JARGON "Tap on a Hard Shoulder"
a new suite for tapdance, video, string quintet, electric guitar and electronics composed by Maurice Horsthuis

Jelte van Andel - double bass
Jeffrey Bruinsma - violin
Peter Grond - violin
Wiek Hijmans - electric guitar
Nina Hitz - cello
Julius Horsthuis - video
Maurice Horsthuis - viola
Marije Nie - tapdance

LYSN plays "Lysnstallation # 1"
a continuous one hour performance of long stretched out drone music from Jupiter

Tom Bugs - analogue electronics
Seamus Cater - harmonicas
James Fulkerson - trombone and electronics
Alfredo Genovesi - electric guitar
Rozemarie Heggen - double bass
Nina Hitz - cello
Hilary Jeffery - trombone and electronics
Noortje Kohne - viola
Dave Murphy - saxophone

+ DJs Morsanek + Hiljef
ecstatic danceomatic space music



Overtoom 301,
1054 HW Amsterdam.

AUXXX010: UK Independents Night


Psychodelic audio entarte kunst

Solo electric guitar- improvised drones + electric melodies

TOM BUGS [Bristol]
genius inventor of analogue electric instruments
Bug Brand Audio Demo:

DJs Morsanek and Hiljef - psychiatric horse meat
Surrealist War Films

Entrance 5 euro

AUXXX009: Music and Games

Friday 6 Oktober 2006
4 euro

Dutch pianist Oscar Jan Hoogland leads a large group of music students from Amsterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht conservatories in a program of game based music. Composers include Gyorgy Kurtag, Matt Lewis, Dick Raaymakers and John Zorn. With composer and guitarist Matt Lewis from London as a special guest.

Harald Austbo - cello
Marcos Baggiani - drums
Oscar Jan Hoogland - piano
Matt Lewis - guitar
Pieter Paul Pothoven - ping pong
Keiko Shichijo - piano
Natalio Sued - tenor sax
Jochem van Tol - ping pong
(dj) morsanek - processing
Tamaho Miyake's Cobra Ensemble

playing improvisations and compositions by
Gyorgy Kurtag, Matt Lewis, Dick Raaymakers, John Zorn

+ games and films

+ DJs morsanek + Hiljef: roulette decks


Overtoom 301,
1054 HW Amsterdam.

AUXXX008: High Birds

Welcome to the official AUXXX Blog and the new season of AUXXX, hosted by Overtoom 301 (also known as ot301, or possibly the Filmacadamie)! Info about the opening night of the season is below.


Friday 15th September
4 euro

Paul Dunmall - saxophones and bagpipes
Rozemarie Heggen - double bass
Hilary Jeffrey - trombone
Alan Purves - drums and percussion

+ (dj) morsanek - season's greetings + general gimp love

+ jazz films we hope

Paul Dunmall is one of the world's most respected free saxophone players, he has played with Alice Coltrane, Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Danny Thompson, Keith Tippett, London Jazz Composers Orchestra, Mujician and Soft Machine Legacy. His label Duns Limited Edition has over 50 releases and documents many of his ongoing musical encounters with countless improvising musicians.


Hope to see you there! Entrance is 4 euro, and the doors will open at 21:00.

Overtoom 301,
1054 HW Amsterdam.


During some precious moments of well-deserved downtime, Mr. Morsanek prepares to to "plug in" and "recharge his batteries", only to find that he's forgotten the European adapter for his America-purchased cushiony headgear. Drat!


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