Ira Cohen and Louise Landes Levi, 2003.
Photographed by Jennifer Cameron.


OT301 Cinema
Overtoom 301
1054 HW Amsterdam

Doors Open @ 20:30
Entry = 6 euros

auxxx + cinésthesia presents : a tribute to Ira Cohen

with Louise Landes Levi, Anders Hana and Jeffrey Babcock


Amsterdam's most active film-programmer Jeffrey Babcock (Cinema Derive, Cinemanita etc) will present an introduction to the films of Ira Cohen

film + live music
Directed by Ira Cohen
25 minutes

Visionary Ira Cohen's legendary 1968 film The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda is the only film that can truly be called "psychedelic". A wild voyage conceived in three parts: The Opium Dream, Shaman and Heavenly Blue Mylar Pavilions, an alchemical journey born out of common consciousness - culminating in the akashic bindu drop swirling in the sky's reflected azure. A head-on surrealist film composed of jewels, gold, smoke and transformative imagery. The film stars, amongst others, the wild Australian artist Vali Myers.

"Combines kabuki and Dr.Strange in the mystical realm an alchemical journey by an arcane master..." - Julian Beck

For this screening of the film Berlin-based Norwegian guitarist Anders Hana (of Noxagt, MoHa!, Ultralyd etc) will play a special live soundtrack on electric guitar and amplifiers

The Poet Louise Landes Levi will offer a very special reading for this occassion. LLL met Ira Cohen first through his contributions to American's Abroad, Vol II (edited by Lynne Tillman, assisted by LLL & never published) ca.1974. Then, at the home, on the Weesperzijde of Simon Vinkenoog. The first of many performances (at the MelkWeg with Heathcote Williams) and other collaborations (for example with Cold Turkey Press) followed soon after.

LLL will be present at this event to introduce the poet's odyssey - Morocco of the 1960's, India & Nepal of the 1970's, Europe the 1980's & the inevitable return, in Ira's case, to Manhattan's Upper West Side at the end of the last millenium through to the present moment.

"A poet's voice can not be imitated. This is an introduction to the heart of the traveller." - Louise Landes Levi

Made by Marty Topp and Ira Cohen
45 minutes

In 1968 The Living Theatre triumphantly returned to America from years of self-imposed exile in Europe with their theatrical breakthrough "Paradise Now". The play introduces the practice of collective creation resulting in a shared voyage of spontaneous creation, of a temporary anarchist collective- free from the enslavements of war, violence, the State, money and the self.

“Life, revolution and theater are three words for the same thing: an unconditional NO to the present society” – Julian Beck co-founder of The Living Theatre

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