MARCH 30 @ ZAAL 100

FRIDAY 30 MARCH @ 20:00

ZAAL 100
De Wittenstraat 100

RUIN - it is all about shadows - hypnotic dance + music performance

Dirk Bruinsma - sax
Paul Glazier - bariton gitaar
Sato Endo - dans

THE END IS THE END - how many times can you end something?

Ivo Bol - live sampling
Luis Lara Malvacias - dance
Jonathan Zorn - electronics

Luis Lara MalvacĂ­as is a Venezuelan choreographer and trans-disciplinary artist. His projects explore the interaction between dance, design, videos, installations, sound, new media and the visual arts. He has worked since 2005 with performer and composer Ivo Bol. Together with American composer and performer Jonathan Zorn they will present a new piece that has only endings.

REASONATOR - installation / performance

Olivier Schreuder - gongs, bells, vietnamese buddha machine

Olivier Schreuder composes & produces electronic and acoustic music with custom made electro-acoustic instruments. He is especially interested in how traditional cultures and new technologies meet, and often works together with musicians from these cultures to find new hybrid forms of music.


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