AUXXX011: StringsTapsDronesDreams

Doors : 9pm / Entrance : 5 euro


JARGON "Tap on a Hard Shoulder"
a new suite for tapdance, video, string quintet, electric guitar and electronics composed by Maurice Horsthuis

Jelte van Andel - double bass
Jeffrey Bruinsma - violin
Peter Grond - violin
Wiek Hijmans - electric guitar
Nina Hitz - cello
Julius Horsthuis - video
Maurice Horsthuis - viola
Marije Nie - tapdance

LYSN plays "Lysnstallation # 1"
a continuous one hour performance of long stretched out drone music from Jupiter

Tom Bugs - analogue electronics
Seamus Cater - harmonicas
James Fulkerson - trombone and electronics
Alfredo Genovesi - electric guitar
Rozemarie Heggen - double bass
Nina Hitz - cello
Hilary Jeffery - trombone and electronics
Noortje Kohne - viola
Dave Murphy - saxophone

+ DJs Morsanek + Hiljef
ecstatic danceomatic space music



Overtoom 301,
1054 HW Amsterdam.

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