Last Lichtblik of April!

AUXXX @ Lichtblik Kino
Kastenienallee 77
10435 BERLIN

Friday April 30
Doors Open 21:00
Music Starts 22:00

Richard Scott (UK) - Buchla Lighting, Analogue Synthesizer
Gustavo Aguilar (US) Drums and Percussion
Olaf Rupp - (GER) Guitar


Renset (US):

Layers and loops of processed sounds derived from resuscitated vital organs extracted from the guts of dead electronics found lying in the gutters throughout the streets of Berlin. Experimental sound in a genuine sense of experimental sound, that being unknown results, improvisation using uncertain parameters, and an openness to any outcome. The focus is on sonic textures with a light shade of minimalist electronic aesthetic. Live sets consist of dirty real-time texture assembly and electrical improvisation using self-built instruments, induction coils, motors, and effects.

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