presents two consecutive events

JUNE 7 (amsterdam)
JUNE 8 (berlin)
ACTIVITY CENTER (Michael Renkel & Burkhard Beins)

event 1 - amsterdam : THURSDAY 7  JUNE 2012 @ 9pm

Overtoom 301



Andy Moor began his musical life in Edinburgh, Scotland playing guitar with the band Dog Faced Hermans. In 1990 he moved to the Netherlands after an invitation to join Dutch band The Ex and continues to be a full time member of this band.  

DJ Sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit) plays the playback through scratching, cutting and stuttering various records which reflect his influences - from free improvisation to hip-hop. Utilizing custom built samplers, he can capture and playback sounds at lighting speed or sculpt heavy drones.


Live music with films from Jean Painleve

Vinkepeezer aka Ivo Bol (monotak): live sampling, electronics
Sound archeologist Ivo Bol builds his music from samples found on forgotten records, creating a cinematic soundworld of his own

Raphael Vanoli (Knalpot): guitar, electronics
Vanoli's inventive guitar sound is soaked in tasteful electronica

The music of Vanolibol is an organic electrifying trip, traveling from subtle clear peeks through deep valleys of black bass.


invigorating beautiful Digital music & Visuals

event 2 - berlin : FRIDAY 8 JUNE 2012 @ 9pm (berlin time)

K77 Kastanienallee 77 (lichtblikino)
10435 BERLIN Prenzlauer Berg


MICHAEL RENKEL - strings & percussion
BURKHARD BEINS - percussion & strings

Over the past twenty years the Berlin musicians Michael Renkel and Burkhard Beins have developed a highly destinctive musical vocabulary with their duo Activity Center. Within this duo, as soloists, but also - conjointly or independently - as members of diverse ensembles they have appeared on international tours and festivals and released numerous records.

Their long sold out double-CD Activity Center "Möwen & Moos" (1999) has been regarded as a milestone of it's genre, while they have managed to build bridges between generations and allegedly also styles with their CD Activity Center & Phil Minton in 2005.

After a long period of almost exclusive concentration on the sonic potential of their acoustic instruments (spanish guitar and percussion), the Activity Center has now been amplified, extended by electronic devices and relocated on tables.



Ray Dickaty is a free playing saxophone player currently based in Warsaw, who has also had occasion to play in several left field rock bands including Moonshake, Spiritualized and Gallon Drunk. His musical career consists of more than 60 recordings with various artists. He has participated on several world tours and appeared on television and radio throughout the world. As a member of Spiritualized he arranged brass and played on the Dr John album “Anutha Zone” as well as recording the Spiritualized albums “Live at the Albert Hall, Let it Come Down” and “Amazing Grace”. As a member of the Too Pure band Moonshake he recorded two albums and played both with Stereolab and Cornershop as well as performing alongside PJ Harvey.

With his own free jazz noise band Solar Fire Trio he has released 3 acclaimed albums. He has also recorded and performed with amongst others: Moose, Lush, Durutti Column, AMP, The Duke Spirit, Six by Seven, Damo Suzuki, Slipstream, Thighpaulsandra, Soulsavers (Mark Lanegan), Suicide, Sonic Youth, Super Numeri, John Moores Revolution 9 and Michael J Sheehey.

In the world of improvised music he has collaborated with Eddie Prevost, Jandek, Philip Marks, Chris Corsano, Brigitte Kuepper, John Butcher, Lol Coxhill, Carlos Zingaro, John Edwards, Martin Kuchen, Jeffery Morgan, Evan Parker, Fred Frith and many more. In Warsaw he is an active member of the Polish improvised music scene, collaborating with musicians including Maciej Trifonidis, Mikolaj Palosz, Pawel Szpura, Patryk Zakrocki, Hubert Zemler, Ksawery Wojcinski, Rafal Mazur, Michal Dymny, Tomek Choloniewski.


FOR BOTH EVENTS - doors open @ 21:00

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