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FRIDAY 10 MAY @ 21:00

K77 (lichtblik kino) - Kastanienallee 77 - 10435 BERLIN prenzlauerberg

doors open: 21:00 / music starts: 22:00

AXEL DOERNER - trumpet & film


the film is characterized by sound which is inaudible and can only be perceived visually - visually and acoustically perceivable sounds are rotating - or it could be said pictures are made with sounds - acoustically and visually perceivable pictures are put in a certain relation which is defined by time parameters precisely set - in this way sound becomes moving pictures and moving pictures become sound - in both the order of time plays an important role - cinema as sounds in order in a musical composition


TILLVIND - electronics, video


my performance is a trial of an ongoing investigation into the relationship between sound- and visual inputs combined in one piece - the subject is wide and its possibilities are countless, my approach is one of a curious collagist aiming at creating nonlinear connections rather than direct links between the materials used in each piece I work on - in my performative collaging I tend to use multiple projection screens combined with fragmented sound pieces



Trumpet, electronics, composition; studied piano in Arnhem (NL) from 1988 - 89, then piano and trumpet (with Malte Burba) at the Musikhochschule, Cologne from 1989 - 94. Moved to Berlin in 1994. He has worked together with numerous internationally respected figures in the fields of "Improvised Music", "Composed Contemporary Music", "Jazz" and "Electronic Music". He has developed a unique style of trumpet playing based in part on unusual, often self-invented techniques. He has toured in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Japan and Asia and appeared on numerous CD and record releases.


Tillvind is a berlin based collagist. In her work she concentrates on exploring an endless number of concepts and methods of collage making. Distancing herself from any single medium she tries to translate mental games of associative collaging into different forms of expression, paper works, assemblages, video, sound and installations. She frequently challenges the solitary nature of her work by collaborating with creative people coming from a variety of other fields.

AUXXX @ K77 - Kastanienallee 77 - 10435 BERLIN prenzlauerberg

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