another evening of healing noise, meta music and phuture pholk

SATURDAY 1 APRIL 2023 @ 19:00

Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche
Rigaer Straße 9-10
BERLIN Friedrichshain


Hilary Jeffery - trombone, trumpet
Eleni Poulou - keyboard, vocals
Hayden Chisholm - alto sax, vocals
Wolfgang Seidel - drums, electronics
Zsolt Sőrés - viola, electronics, vocals

Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche
Rigaer Straße 9-10
BERLIN Friedrichshain




Organza Ray

Hilary Jeffery - brass
Eleni Poulou - bass

Organza Ray are Hilary Jeffery and Eleni Poulou + guest musicians. A double well - merging and potentiating sounds and words to reach new pools. They are connecting pathways of knowledge through sound, discovering shimmering entrances and underwater arches. 400 years of long notes, open bags and dancing butterfly blues.


Hayden Chisholm

Hayden Chisholm is a New Zealand saxophonist and composer. After studying in Cologne with a DAAD scholarship he continued his music studies in Japan in India. In 1995 he developed a new microtonal system he termed "split scales" for saxophone which he revealed on his debut solo CD "Circe". Since then his compositions have been recorded by BBC and WDR radios and he has toured and recorded extensively worldwide. He has created music for several Rebecca Horn installations as well as composing scores for her films. In 2008 he was assistant director in the Salzburger Festspiele. He has taught at Universities throughout the world and gives yearly master classes in Pelion, Greece. He curated 10 editions of the Plushmusic festival in Cologne and was artistic director of the Thessaloniki Jazz festival in 2018. In 2013 he released the 13 Box Set "13 Views of the Heart's Cargo" and received the German SWR Jazz Prize. In 2015 he was "Improvisor in Residence" in Moers and opened the Moers Jazz Festival. In 2016 he released his second 13CD box "Cusp of Oblivion" on the Moontower Foundation Edition and directed his first short film "Sisyphus Runs". After moving to Belgrade in 2016 he curated the “Dortjol Festival” and founded the BAM club which has become one of the region’s top jazz locations. He continues to record, give masterclasses, and tour the world in various formations.


Wolfgang Seidel

Born in 1949 in West Berlin in the last weeks of the blockade of the city by the Soviet army, Wolfgang Seidel has been heavily involved with the music scene in Berlin since he started playing drums in rock bands as a teenager. In the late 1960s he found himself in the vicinity of Joseph Beuys’ student Conrad Schnitzler and the Zodiak Free Arts Lab, one of the cradles of the music which would later get the label “Krautrock”. He played in Conrad Schnitzler’s group Eruption, an experimental unit which looked for new sounds and new forms of musical interaction. In 1970, Seidel was among the founders of Ton Steine Scherben, one of the first bands to combine rock music with the German language. From 1980 on, Seidel brought the experience of rock music and free improvisation together in groups such as Popular Mechanics and in collaboration with Alfred Harth. Today he is active in Berlin’s thriving Echzeitmusik and free improvisation scenes as a drummer and synthesizer player.


Zsolt Sőrés

Zsolt Sőrés (Budapest, 1969) is a "sonic ontologist", experimental music composer, improviser (five-string viola and electronics), sound and intermedia artist. Sőrés has been one of the longest active and inescapable figures of the Hungarian experimental music and sound art scene for more than 30 years. His music and sound art explores the possibilities of conceptual-meta-music electro-acoustic free improvisation and the "flux" nature of sound as a material and the 21st century possibilities of the objet sonore concept. Current projects: Ahad (solo), Liz Allbee - Matthias Koole - Zsolt Sőrés trio, Werner Zappi Diermaier's faust, Inconsolable Ghost (with Hilary Jeffery, Gideon Kiers and others), Un-garians (with André Vida), Isabel Anders - Victor Laju - Zsolt Sőrés trio, collaborations with Anla Courtis (Reynols), Franz Hautzinger, Nicola Hein, Christian Kobi, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Ute Wassermann and Organza Ray (Hilary Jeffery, Eleni Poulou), among others. In 2020, he set up his own record label, Hinge Thunder. In 2014, Sőrés curated the first international sound installation art exhibition in Hungary, entitled On the Edge of Perceptibility - Sound Art, at the Kunsthalle in Budapest. He was a recipient of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Programme (Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD) 2021 grant for sound art and music, and has since been living and working in Berlin.


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