AUXXX presents:
a new series of Alchemistic Cabaret evenings!

Saturday October 27 @ 21:00
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
€ntry 5

Alchemistic Cabaret #1:
with live music from


Terrie Ex - guitar, baritone guitar
G.W. Sok - vocals
Andy Moor - guitar, baritone guitar
Katherina Ex - drums, vocals

Legendary band The Ex have been playing and recording since 1979. They have played 1,270 concerts all over Europe, Northern America and Africa, and recorded more than 20 CD-albums. They are continuously evolving and always open for new ideas, developing their unique sound together with other musicians who’s spirit inspires and appeals to the group. It's 2007 now, and they're still going strong, and forward, in every possible direction.


Nicholas James Bullen (ex-Napalm Death / Scorn) - guitar, electronics
Hilary Jeffery (Lysn, Kreepa) - trombone, tromboscillator
Simon Mabbott (Sacrifist, Migrant) - computer, electronika
John Richards (Kreepa, Sand) - kreepback instrument

Black Galaxy is a new project from Birmingham-based musician, sound artist and writer Nicholas Bullen. Bullen was one of the original founder members of Napalm Death in 1981, performing as vocalist and bassist and recording on their classic 1st album - "Scum". Since then, he was also a member of Scorn and has worked with many musicians (including Bill Laswell and Tim Wright), along with developing work as a sound artist which has been shown at a variety of venues including Tate Britain, Art Basel, ICA and the Staten Island ferry in New York. He started his own label - Monium in 2007. Black Galaxy is a collaboration with fellow Birmingham sound artist and musician Simon Mabbott - the project operates in a variety of fields from distorted breakbeats to non-rhythmic soundscapes. For this concert they will be joined by Kreepa musicians John Richards and Hilary Jeffery, together they will play a version of a set they played with great success at this years Sonar Festival in Barcelona.



Amsterdam filmmaker Fred Pelon will present a rare Super 8 screening of found footage from Queens Day - 30 April 1980 - a day where violence and innocence ruled the streets of Amsterdam. A Super 8 camera films at Waterlooplein, Rokin, Kinkerstraat and side streets where both police, anarchists, punks and tourists experienced chaos in their own way...


DJ MARCELLE (Another Nice Mess) and DJ MORSANEK (Auxxx)

Friday November 23 @ 21:00
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
€ntry 5

Alchemistic Cabaret #2:
with live music from

Kain The Poet / Baby Kain Band (USA/NL)

rap rock
holy roller
blues poet

Kain - voice
Rozemarie Heggen - bass
Jeff Hollie - saxophone
Psar Pzzz - turntables
Vassil Votec - drums

"Man's greatest tragedy is that he was first born a child".
Philosopher Poet - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Ye that hath seen me hath seen Baby Kain and no-one cometh to My father except by me. My name is Kain and I just got here".
Kain The Poet

Ausweis (DE)
mantra loops - surrealist soundscapes - dream voices

Ulrike Helmholz - voice and electronics
Ralf Meinz - electronic percussion and computer
Pit Schmidt - saxophone and computer

Ausweis make surrealistic soundscapes with strangely possessed voices and sounds which emerge from trance and dream states. Their improvised music plays with tensions which seem to exist between acoustic, electronic, composed and improvised musics. Ulrike Helmholz will explore the "speaking in tongues" theme through the rhytmical recitation of texts by Hölderlin, Brecht, Kerouac, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Genet, Dauthendey and Japanese Haiku poets. Her mantra-like looping of these words will be accompanied by colourful soundscapes created by Pit Schmidt and Ralf Meinz on saxopohone, electronic percussion and computers. Ausweis have a broad and intuitive approach to rhythmical and musical structure, every song takes the listener to a new world... These unique musicians from Tubingen have worked with many other artists including Japanese Butoh dancer Mitsutaka Ishii, German krautrockers Faust, improvisers Otomo Yoshihide, David Moss, Elliot Sharp and Franz Hautzinger, the contemporary music ensemble Zeitkratzer and American legends such as Lou Reed and Ike Willis - as alchemical artists they distil their experience from such a wide field into pure gems of strange abstraction!

MC Quio + DJ Marcelle (DE/NL)
Berlin MC meets Amsterdam DJ for a late night mash up!

Quio is a Berlin based MC, singer and performer. She started MCing in 1997 as MC Looney Tunes. She performed with Drum' n Bass and HipHop DJs in Berlin and throughout Europe. In 1998 she met DJ G-Serve from Audiotaxi in WTF together with DJ Christine Lang. They organized parties under the title "On Bass Tracks". Quio is still part of a radio show on Berlin's former Pirate Radio Station TWEN FM, named Underground Essentials. In 1999 she met AGF when they performed on the same bill in a club. Various collaborations ensued and in 2003 they founded Quio. 2004 saw them release their first 12" on AGF Producktion and after that a full length album entitled „ oooh!“. In September 2007 her new album "Phiu" was released. For the AUXXX alchemistic cabaret evening she will perform together as an MC with resident Auxxx DJ - Marcelle.

"Like Ooh is like a punch in the face of the creative opposition to change... an album which shoots in the aberrations of our day-to-day life, giving a sense to what we don't have ! "
CODA Magazine (France)

DJ Morsanek (AUXXX / Amsterdam)

Morsanek is the DJ name of improvising musician and hiphop geek Mark Morse. Originally from America, Mark is currently based in Amsterdam and has been the resident DJ for AUXXX since its inception. His AUXXX sets are an attempt at surreal sonic alchemy, synthesizing blunted beats, Osaka-style noise, machine music, free improvisation and a junkbox of found sound into edgy party music that doubles as textured ambience.

Friday December 7 @ 21:00
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
€ntry 5

Alchemistic Cabaret #3:
with live music and performance from

Whale Oil
mind bending improv rock

Debut of the new psychedelic improc rock trio formed by the free improvising electronic guitarist Alfredo Genovesi. Using an array of pedal effects, found objects, samplers and external sound sources, Alfredo constructs multi-layered soundscapes that enable him to fluctuate between diverse and colourful soundworlds. His music moves between ambient soundscapes, psychedelic riffing and noise. His musical activity includes free improvisation in all manner of combinations and with many international improvisors such as Keith Rowe, Oren Marshall and Lol Coxhill, live music for theatre including work with Zaoum / Sulayman Al-Bassam Theatre (touring the Middle East and Asia) and a composer/director of ensembles such as the Resonance Radio Orchestra. Since arriving in Amsterdam in 2007 Alfredo has commenced work with a range of choreographers and dance projects including work with Katie Duck / Magpie MusicDance Company and Vincent Cacialona. In August 2007 he performed with Japanese dancer Makiko Ito at the Muziekgebouw aan 't Ij during the presentation of the Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunsten for Overtoom 301. He has also been very active in the Amsterdam improvised music scene playing with Ig Henneman, Han Buhrs, Alan Purves, Michael Vatcher and Wilbert de Joode amongst others. For AUXXX Alfredo will present his new trio with a classic guitar, bass and drums line up consisting of:

Santiago Botero (Columbia) - electric bass + effects
Alfredo Genovesi (London) - electric guitar + effects
Gerri Jaeger (Austria) - drums

"Really outrageous stuff...The range of (his) work is awesome." John Zorn

Wrikken (NL)

Ivo Bol - elektronika
Joris van Perlo - elektronika

Wrikken is a project of Ivo Bol and Joris van Perlo, who have made music together since they were 15. Wrikken originated in the Dutch city of Groningen where they played in cult bands like Soom, Plan Kruutntoone, Wastewell and G.I. Magnetic Inflatable Carrot plane. In 1996 they composed music for strings, saxophone and electric guitar. After 1996 their music has become more and more electronic. The music of Wrikken is constructed during an ongoing process of redefining their own sound, based mostly on samples made from their own music. Influences are Minimal music, Coil, Beefheart, David Lynch. Wrikken collaborated with several theatremakers, filmmakers and visual artists. They have been touring in Germany, the USA and Holland. Wrikken will perform a live soundtrack that is composed for Maya Deren’s film “Ritual In Transfigured Time” (1945-46). Stichting Mixer released their debut single.

Marije Nie (NL) - tapdans + SoundFloor

De SoundFloor is een electronische tapvloer waarmee de tapdanseres zelf haar geluiden kan besturen. Tapdanser Marije Nie droomt al jaren over dit electroaccoustische instrument. Het is een instrument waarmee Marije niet alleen haar eigen geluid kan manipuleren, maar dat ook een interactieve geluidsomgeving kan maken op basis van het tapgeluid. Deze incarnatie van de SoundFloor is ontwikkeld door studenten van de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht en TU Eindhoven en is nu al een veelbelovende start op een avontuurlijke weg.

DJ Philippona / BIimhuis (NL)

DJ Philippona spins music from the past, pleasing discerning music lovers and (jazz) musicians alike with her exquisite yet totally unpredictable taste. DJ Philippona strives to create a timeless uplifting experience through music: disarmament - fun & amazement - real bands on records - voices voices voices - depth in sound & depth in music - lightness in sound & lightness in music - DJ Philippona spins uncensored originals: jazz - mambo - soul - samba - rock'n'roll - disco - funk - break - country - beat - gospel - boogaloo – eurotrash.

Auxxx Alchemistic Cabaret is supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and the Thuiskopie Fonds - thanxxx!

Links to Alchemistic Cabaret Artists:

Black Galaxy on Monium
Nicholas James Bullen
The Ex
Alfredo Genovesi
Ulrike Helmholz
Hilary Jeffery
Simon Mabbott
DJ Marcelle
DJ Morsanek
Marije Nie
Fred Pelon
DJ Philippona
John Richards

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